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Saying Goodbye to KSDS May 23, 2012

Among the many families whose youngest child will soon join siblings as Krieger-Schechter graduates were four long-time KSDS households.   The Brooks family (22 amazing Schechter years), the Frazers (19 wonderful Schechter years), the Smiths (16 incredible Schechter years) and the Friers (16 fabulous Schechter years) all decided they wanted to do something special to mark the end of an important era.  This past Friday they treated the faculty and staff to a lovely brunch, a bittersweet send-off to those who have been an integral part of the KSDS family for so long.  One thing we all know, though, is once a part of the Schechter community, always a part of the Schechter community.

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One Response to “Saying Goodbye to KSDS”

  1. Carolyn Helfman Says:

    How like the Smith, Frazer, Frier, and Brooks families to do something so thoughtful and loving. From a former administrator, I thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us and for your continuous and earnest support.

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